Meaningful May ...

Share photos of three things you ding meaningful and memorable 

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Meaningful May .....being appreciated

Reflect on what makes you feel valued and appreciated 

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Meaningful May ...More meaning

Find a way to craft what you are doing and give it more meaning 

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Meaningful May ...let them know you care

Hand write a note to someone you care about, take a photo and send it to them 

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Meaningful May ...Positive action

Take a positive action to help your local community 

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Meaningful May....

Look around you and find 5 things you find meaningful

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Meaningful May ....

Find out about the values and traditions of another culture 

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Meaningful May...

Show your gratitude to people who are helping to make things better

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Meaningful May ...

Today do something to care for the natural world

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Meaningful May....

Be grateful for the little things even in difficult times.  

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Weekly Quiz .....and the topic is....dogs!

Join our weekly fun filled quiz and test your knowledge on your four legged friends! Have fun!!

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Furness Pride

Why not join the virtual Furness Pride event on Staurday 16 May from 12noon on Zoom and social media. The attached poster has full details 

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The little things in life count!

As part of meaningful May each day we will post something that you can do: to help create a happier, kinder world and to help yourself too. Today's is: "Be grateful for the little things, even in difficult times" These monthly calendars are available in a number of other languages. Please follow the link below to find these: https://www.actionforha...

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Your Weekly Quiz

Here's your weekly quiz - enjoy!

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Online with Womens Community Matters

Online With Us (Womesn Community Matters) Online with us is our way of keeping everyone connected and busy during the strange times we find ourselves in. Samuel is producing a series of videos to help keep us fit, entertained and connected during this period of self-isolation due to the corona virus covid 19. We are aware that isolation, which is a...

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